Quality Guaranteed

Our Unique Process


We combine ancient methods
with modern technology

We bring the highest standard of organic growing methods from ancient Europe, combined with high-end modern technology, to the islands of Nova Scotia. We’ve created a state of the art growing environment, in the middle of the forest, far away from environmental toxins and other potential harm to our plants.

Scientist examining development of Cannabis sativa plant, close up of hand with protective gloves, selective focus


It all starts with cuttings...

Taken from our mother plants, we use the cuttings method to grow new cannabis plants. This ensures the high-quality of the mother plant is passed on to its clone plant.


Nurturing the new plants...

The new clones are grown in our natural soil blend and fertilizers. Our soil blend is mixed with agnihotra ash to energize the soil, and our unique fertilizer contains worm tea to maintain a living soil. Our water goes through a multi-stage filtering process to ensure no harmful chemicals get into the soil and plant. 

Coal and ashes of a campfire
Air conditioning system unit installed outside facade of the house


Our unique growing environment...

Our grow house is equipped with high-end equipment to maintain a controlled envionment. We use Blackdog LED Lights, a high-volume Quest air conditioning system, and Montel plant benches. The plants also listen to classical music at 432Hz to complete the plant’s sensory experience.


The flowering phase to harvest...

As the plants enter their flower phase, we adjust their lighting needs. The buds go through a daily visual inspection as they mature, to ensure they are harvested with the correct potency levels.

Concept of cannabis plantation for medical, a scientist using tablet to collect data on cannabis sativa indoor farm
Young leaves of cannabis mariuana in a pot close-up, lifestyle. Growing medical cannabis


From drying to distribution...

Once harvested, the flower buds go through inspection again and placed in our drying cabinets. We control the ideal conditions for drying and the curing process. The process is complete and our high-quality, premium organic cannabis is ready for shipment!