our organic story

about Germanabis


Going back in time to 2007

May 2007

It all started in Saarbrücken, Germany..

Christoph discovers cannabis and its health benefits and decides to grow his first plant on his balcony.

September 2012

Eventually the word got out...

Within 5 years, Christoph gains more knowledge and experience and defines his growing techniques. He develops a reputation in a "speakeasy" style and shares his unique cannabis amongst close friends and family.


A partnership begins...

Christoph meets Matt during a self-development workshop seminar at a Native Reservation in Nova Scotia. The two hit it off, and they came up with the idea of an organic cannabis business.

October 2018

Germanabis Inc. is born...

Cannabis becomes legal in Canada and the door opens for Christoph and Matt to bring their vision to life. Together, they founded Germanabis Inc.

September 2021

Dried cannabis buds texture

The growing begins...

After two years of construction, our grow house was completed and production begins. With our micro-grower license, we're able to produce 600kg of high-grade organic cannabis annually.

Cannabis plants growing in greenhouse

Founded based on one simple principle:
smoke the best quality.

We’re not about mass producing where quality is often overlooked and standards of service is lowered. We grow cannabis with the utmost integrity and respect to nature, keeping the growing process as closely aligned to nature as possible. 


We Love What We Do

With Christoph’s passion and knowledge for growing cannabis, and Matt’s hands-on logistical expertise, together they spearhead a team of growing innovators and cannabis enthusiasts.

Matthias Fricke

Co-Founder, Director Of Operations

Christoph Mertinitz

Co-Founder, Director Of Sales, Mastergrower